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The iPro Navigator - The Perfect Aviation Yoke Mount for the iPad Mini

Ideal Placement with no worries about the Sun!


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iPro Navigator (for iPad mini) - $69.95

Use your own RAM mounting hardware

iPro Navigator
(for iPad mini) - $89.50

Includes RAM yoke mount and double-ball socket



The iPro Navigator includes an articulating clipboard. The clipboard hangs in the downward position on two stainless steel pins. In this position, pilots can write notes and clearances and attach hardcopy charts. When mounted on the yoke, this puts them directly in front of you.

To access the iPad mini, swing the clipboard upward and slide it into position across the top. This provides complete access to the iPad while shielding it from sunlight. The clipboard easily slides forward and backward in this horizontal placement. Since it is perpendicular to the iPad, you only see the edge of the clipboard. It blocks the sun without blocking the view of the instrument panel. The clipboard can be easily pulled down again, allowing it to drop into position for use.

Remove the clipboard altogether by sliding it upward and off, stowing it safely in your flight bag. Reverse the simple procedure to reattach it.

In the event of substantial forward or downward force, the clipboard detaches completely as a safety measure.

A 1-inch RAM ball attachment point is affixed to the rear of the iPro Navigator. Mounting to the yoke or window is accomplished using a standard RAM yoke or suction cup mount.




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